Dear users! We have another announcement about our latest release of the App:

  • This update fixes a bug that crashed the App whenever the Tools > Battery > Battery Details screen was loaded on an iPhone 8/8 Plus. For these devices, the “hardware tree” changed, and the App wasn’t expecting that. (We actually had to get an iPhone 8, and it was kinda of hard to do, given our location, local taxes, etc).
  • We have a new “Today Extension”. If you have any trouble to make it load (if the “Unable to Load” message appears, please, remove the widget and fully uninstall the App. Reinstall the App, open it, check if the Battery Details data are properly populated, and then re-add the widget. If the problem still persists, please contact us so we can check the issue;
  • The “Hardware Browser” tool is much more populated. In an upcoming update we will add the feature to export this data, so that the user can read it easily.
  • On the new Apple A11 Bionic chip, the CPU cores looks so cool! Check all the 6 cores running simultaneously (previous models only had 2 simultaneous cores – except some iPad models that had 3):

  • We are still preparing some huge new features and updates, specially for the Full version. Stay tuned for more! o/