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The Swiss Army Knife of iOS Diagnostics.

More than 20 tools, and the largest Apple specs database

The largest device database, with hundreds of specifications for each and every iOS device ever made. And tools to test and see all possible aspects of your hardware.

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Device models

Specification fields

Suite of tools

Diagnostic Tools

Hardware tree, connection rate view, band frequencies, biometrics – check and test every aspect of your device with the included tools

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Get the data you need

  • Chipset models, internal codes, resource monitors, hardware hierarchy and more
  • Testing tool for the touchscreen, haptic engines, microphones, speakers, GPS receiver, barometer, gyroscope, camera, …


Deep hardware information

Device IDs, models, internal USB models, interfaces, sensors, and much, much more.

How it works


Feature Full Version Lite Version
Storage Information
GPU Specifications
CPU Usage Graph
CPU Specifications
Realtime Memory Allocation Graph
Memory hardware specifications
Cellular (Band Frequencies) Specifications
Camera Specifications
Sensors Availability
Temperature Ranges and Radiation
Accelerometer sensor feedback
Magnetometer sensor feedback
Gyroscope sensor feedback
Vibration/Flashlight test
LCD Color / Contrast test
Touchscreen test
Network speed / transfer blocks
Mic Hardware test
Audio output Hardware test
Barometer sensor feedback
Memory Release Mechanism
Biometrics/TouchID Test
Process List (with Sort/Search functions) Removed from Apple API
iOS System Log (ASL) Removed from Apple API
External IP
Active Connections (netstat) Removed from Apple API
Battery Details (Cycles, Wear Level) Removed from Apple API (iOS 12) Removed from Apple API (iOS 12)
GPS Receiver feedback
Device Compare (w/ visual representation of each specification)
Apple Watch App
Hardware (Device) Browser

Explore! You will love it.

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