Hello Everyone!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Battery Cycles. I’m aware that a lot of people who brought the full version of Lirum Info, did so based on this feature. We worked really hard to bring it, as well as the other specifications, connection list subsystem, etc. We would love to make that information available in our App. The problem is: this information does not exist anymore. In iOS 10 Apple removed this data from the API that previously provided it. Many other Apps used to give that before, and all of the are unable to do so now.

For more technical information, check this article.

And now, our reputation is suffering from this removal.Untitled-1


Unfortunately, Apple not only removed the information we needed from the iOS 10 IOKit framework, but also let us took the blame for the removal. And we can’t even reply to a review on the AppStore! This is seriously demotivating.

After Apple removed these battery details (that included Cycles, Temperature, etc), we immediately stoped advertising that we had that information. We put on the first line of the description: “IMPORTANT: Battery Cycles, Temperature and other details are not available anymore on iOS 10”. But then, the update was rejected by Apple: “Rejected Metadata”, and a message saying that we could not write that, and only information pertinent to the App. So, we had to just take this warning out.



Untitled-2If you are running Lirum Info on iOS 9.3.5 or earlier, all those features will still work.


We managed to adapt the App to get the Battery Wear Level. If the health of the battery is poor, you can infer the amount of cycles it probably suffered, and in any case, the battery will need replacement. To get this information, open the side menu on Lirum Info > Tools > Battery > Check Battery Internal Reports.




And please, if you like the App, give us a kind review on the Store. It’s very important – and it gets reset every time we publish an update (that’s why the rating stars dialog will eventually popup again inside the App). The review keep us motivated to bring more features and tools inside the App – and we are constantly making updates, since 2013. (Check out how was the App in it’s first version back then – almost half of the features we implemented had to be removed, as Apple took them out on each iOS update).

Thanks for your time, and I hope that this at least remedy some misunderstandings.